The Fall of the House of Evans

including the Chronicles of the Westmill & Lea Light Railway

(AKA The Home Pages of Sam Evans & Mary Phillips)


Dramatis (Felis & Canis) Personae


Sam Evans, beleaguered Chief Engineer of the Westmill & Lea Light railway, taking leave of his senses.



Mary Phillips, Managing Director/CEO and SWMBO (She who Must Be Obeyed) of the W&LLR.



Mary meets her first real narrow-gauge steam loco and discovers that they do not bite.


The Bored (er Board) of Directors



Jasper, current chairpuss, who prefers his creature comforts, and behind, Lizzie, the late Diana of the group and Endangerer of Species who passed away in Spring of 2008 .




Misty and Smokey, or Smokey and Misty, whatever.  Bored members.





Smudge, apprentice station cat



Alfie, Civil engineering contractor since January 2003. VERY proficient at excavation.




Oscar and Mork, two senior members of the Bored who are no longer with us.  Much missed.

Please excuse the rather plain look to the pages but we are beginners.  We hope to enhance the site as we learn more.  In the meantime perhaps you would like to follow the links below into the garden and the Westmill & Lea Light Railway, and associated pages ......




16mm Garden Railway Webring
16mm Garden Railway Webring by keefbrown
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